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Chronic Migraine Headaches

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    Chronic migraine headaches can be a debilitating medical condition. Migraine sufferers experience significant pain, usually on one side of the head, and this pain – sometimes lasting for days – can be accompanied by sensitivity to light or sound, blurred vision, nausea, and tingling in the extremities. Treatment with osteopathic medicine and a carefully curated lifestyle plan from the medical team at Swetech Medical Center can help treat your migraines and prevent you from suffering.

    Chronic migraine headaches
    Chronic migraine headaches

    Understanding Chronic Migraine Headaches

    Migraine headaches are caused by changes in the neck blood vessels that deliver the blood supply to the brain. Abnormal contraction and dilation of the vessels, caused by dysfunction within the nerves and sometimes from hormones, force blood into the head more quickly than it can drain. This results in increased pressure in the head and severe pain that is diagnosed as a migraine.

    Mechanical problems are also thought to be a potential cause of migraine headaches. Prolonged tension in the muscles and face that affect the neck joints can overstimulate the nervous system and cause or contribute to a headache. Any restriction of the blood and lymph and poor circulation of oxygen to the brain can also cause pain and discomfort.

    Many headaches can develop from poor posture and tension in the body as well. Reduced mobility in the spine and increased muscle tension are a common cause of chronic migraine headaches

    Diagnosing and Treating chronic Migraine headaches with

    Osteopathy can provide treatment and relief for migraines, beginning with an accurate diagnosis of the cause of the pain. Headaches often have multiple causes – the issue could be physical, psychological, pharmacological, or a combination of the three. Each area requires its own kind of treatment.

    The actual source of a pain or illness may not always be obvious, but doctors of osteopathy are uniquely trained in the examination and diagnosis of the musculoskeletal system to treat the body holistically and as a whole, even though only one type of problem may present itself. Osteopathy is helpful in identifying reduced mobility in the joints of the spine, and this practice of medicine also looks at the role of lifestyle in a person’s health and wellness.

    The question always is: What other factors could be contributing to chronic headaches? With the guidance and support of an experienced medical team, patients are given a new nutrition plan to avoid certain food triggers, maintain an exercise routine, and establish a regular sleep pattern.

    Your doctor of osteopathy will work to systematically eliminate specific headache triggers and deliver a treatment that can offer immediate relief as you work to find a long-term solution for migraines.

    Spinal manipulative therapy, a component of osteopathy, can be effective for the treatment of some headaches, along with cervical soft tissue massage, myofascial unwinding, and occipital decompression. Some techniques can even be taught so they can be done at home and patients can invite relaxation and relief on their own to help decrease pain intensity or prevent headaches.

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    Chronic migraine headaches
    Chronic migraine headaches

    Treatment for Migraines in Clinton Township

    Chronic migraine headaches are treatable. You should not suffer with this pain or attempt to treat your headaches with over-the-counter pain relievers alone. There are effective ways to stop your suffering and stop migraines from interrupting your life. Rely on the knowledge and expertise of the medical team at Swetech Medical Center in Clinton Township.

    We want you to feel good all the time, and we are prepared to help you find a plan that gives you relief from chronic headaches. Your well-being is our priority. Contact us today to get help right away.

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