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Ear and Eye Infections

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    Ear and eye infections are common, highly treatable, and far more likely to return repeatedly if they are not healed properly. At Swetech Medical Center in Clinton Township, we use osteopathic methods and use a whole-body approach to treat ear and eye infections and prevent them from recurring in both adults and children.

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    Osteopathic Treatment for Ear Infections

    A cold, a throat infection, a virus, even allergies can trigger an ear infection. Fluid that would normally drain gets blocked in the tubes of the ear and this buildup can cause pain and eventually becomes an environment where bacteria or viruses breed.

    If you are a common sufferer of ear infections, you recognize the signs. If you’re a parent, be on the lookout for the following symptoms from your child:

    • Pulling on the earlobe
    • Inattentiveness, a sign of not being able to hear fully
    • Sleep problems
    • Complaints of ear pain
    • Fever
    • Loss of appetite or vomiting
    • Cranky or grumpy behavior

    Antibiotics are often prescribed to treat an ear infection, and while this can be the right decision in many cases, sometimes the entire infection does not clear up completely, leaving fluid in the ear and resulting in another infection.

    The osteopathic approach to an ear infection is to review the drainage of the ear and throat, but also examine the mobility of the head, spine, ribcage, and temporal bone, the last of which houses the ear canal. Gentle osteopathic manipulations can help free up the movement needed to improve ear drainage and release restrictions in the lymphatic system to decrease inflammation and improve blood flow promoting healing and repair.

    Treating Eye Infections with Osteopathy

    Eye infections make themselves known very quickly and some are highly contagious. Symptoms include:

    • The whites of the eyes tinted pink or red
    • Discharge from the eye
    • Swollen eyelids
    • Pain
    • Itching

    Many people react well to antibiotic solutions intended to clear up eye infections like pink eye or a stye, others react poorly and end up in even greater discomfort. Rather than test out treatments on your precious eyes, it’s better to get the advice of a doctor who can help right away and protect you from further potential discomfort or problems.

    A doctor of osteopathy will examine what’s going on with your eye, but also identify the root cause of the issue. For an eye infection like pink eye, for example, also known as conjunctivitis, the drainage to the eye may become impaired. This means there is a problem with the lymphatic and arterial-venous systems, and they need to be treated to clear up the infection and prevent it from repeating. Many doctors of osteopathy can treat even the most aggressive eye infections without antibiotics.

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    Holistic Treatment for Ear and Eye Infections

    It is so important to take the health of your ears and eyes seriously and seek help for any problems immediately. You cannot replace these parts of your body should they be altered by an infection, and getting to the root of the matter rather than just putting a bandage on the circumstances is the healthiest route possible.

    If you or your child have an ear infection or eye infection, contact the doctors of osteopathy at Swetech Medical Center in Clinton Township to schedule an appointment. We have short wait times, walk-in availability, and a caring staff that is prepared to make you feel comfortable, deliver gentle treatment, and help you feel better as soon as possible.

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