Senior Mobility

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Senior Mobility

As we age, our bodies are prone to injury and illness. senior mobilityConsistent osteopathic treatment enhances and maintains senior mobility which can minimize and prevent certain health problems from developing. At Swetech Medical Center, we treat patients of all ages and are especially conscious of the unique needs that develop as the body grows older.

Prevent Weakness and Falls

Millions of older adults fall every year, which results in thousands of severe injuries and deaths. Staying active is critical to maintain senior mobility and avoid accidents. Whether you are stuck at home because of poor weather or public health conditions, staying static leads to weaker muscles and that increases the risk of falls. With osteopathic treatment, you can keep both your body and mind in good condition.

By focusing on certain types of exercises and treatments, you and your doctor can improve your physical ability and health.:

  • Strength exercises: Through weightlifting and resistance exercises, you can build strength in your muscles to gain energy and vigor.
  • Endurance exercises: Breathing rate and heart rate can be increased through endurance exercises like walking, climbing stairs, swimming, or even marching in place.
  • Flexibility exercises: Flexibility exercises like stretching and yoga can make it easier to reach down and look over your shoulder, whether you’re tying your shoes or looking behind you while driving.
  • Balance exercises: Working on the lower body through balance-specific strengthening exercises like standing on one foot can improve balance and prevent falls.

Do not attempt any advanced exercises noted above without discussing the pros and cons with your doctor first. You do not want to feel unsteady or attempt a pace that is inappropriate for your body. Every methodology isn’t for every patient and it’s important to develop a senior mobility plan that is appropriate for your unique physiology.

Senior Mobility Conditions That Benefit from Osteopathy

Age-related conditions are frustrating for any senior who suffers from them, especially when they affect their mobility. Some of the most common illnesses that impact movement – but which also benefit from osteopathy – include:

  • Arthritis: This chronic joint disease cannot be cured but it can be treated so pain is minimized. Stretching, physical therapy, and massage are common recommendations.
  • Osteoporosis: The bones are weaker and more prone to fracture as we age. Weight-bearing exercises can often strengthen weak bones.
  • Poor circulation: Aging causes changes in the heart and blood vessels which impacts circulation so it is harder for blood to move through the body. This makes the heart work harder and can lead to muscle pain, stiffness, cramping, and numbness. Osteopathy encourages movement and keeps blood flowing.

How Senior Mobility Affects Mental Health

Senior mobility is not only good for the body it is important for the mind. When you can do all the things you want to do with your limbs and hands and feet, you feel strong, capable, and vibrant, no matter what age you are. Mobility is a significant factor in good mental health.

Seniors are prone to depression for a variety of reasons. Many live alone, others suffer with ailments that have reduced their quality of life, some may be unable to perform basic household tasks. Being active and having a way to soothe pain and increase your abilities at the same time helps ward off depression and anxiety while improving overall health and wellness.

Get Support for Senior Mobility in Clinton Township

At Swetech Medical Center in Clinton Township, Michigan, how well your body functions is our priority. We want to help you with your pain and discomfort so you can get back to all the things you love in life, be active, and enjoy this amazing stage of your life.

Aging is inevitable, but how you age is up to you. Our team is ready to support you. Contact us today to schedule an appointment to discuss senior mobility for yourself or a loved one.